mental health disorders

When to take your child to hospital

The decision to take your child to hospital is difficult and this post attempts to help the parent who is unsure. Those symptoms such as cough, fever, or vomiting are common but occasionally may herald the onset of a more serious condition.

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is a normal human emotion. It is a feeling of uneasiness in situations that maybe dangerous or threatening. It becomes a disorder when the anxiety interferes with day to day functioning and happiness. When managed effectively there is good evidence this will be of lifelong benefit

Behaviour Disorders, Where to Start

  What is a disorder ? Behaviour disorder is also referred to as a child mental health disorder or neurodevelopmental disorder. It means that the problem affects the child at home, school and in most situations. The child has difficulties…

Attention Deficit Disorder

 Assessment ADD is usually suspected during early school years where parents, teachers and others involved in the child's care feel the symptoms are significant, problematic and are age inappropriate. The symptoms include Attention Deficit Attentional…

Autistic spectrum disorder

  What is it ?  Autism represents a neurodevelopmental disorder in the areas of communication, socialisation and restricted interests. It is generally thought of as a genetic condition [quote style="boxed" float="right"]The important…