Discomfort whilst voiding is common in young children, particularly girls. The most common cause is a chemical vulvitis which once diagnosed is easy to manage. This condition involves inflammation at the end of the urethra, and the area around this. A urinary tract infection must be ruled out prior to making this diagnosis.

What causes it ? There are three basic reasons for enuresis: Firstly it is due to a limited response by the brain to a full bladder. When the bladder is full it does not notify the brain to wake and empty. It eventually empties itself without the sufferer realising. This is called the arousal deficit […]

  How does it occur ? Usually bacteria that are found around the entrance to the urethra find their way into the bladder. This leads to a bladder infection and sometimes this infection can spread up to the kidneys. Sometimes kidney infections can occur when bacteria in the blood lodge in the small blood vessels […]

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