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This website is designed for parents to obtain  common sense advice about their children’s health. Over the coming weeks new posts and pages will be uploaded and a news section which comments on topics and trends that are commonly in the media surrounding child health issues.This is not a sight that replaces a trip to a general practitioner, but may provide more information than a time poor medical professional can give. Although the internet is useful it will definitely not replace the expertise of a paediatrician or an experienced general practitioner.
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The author is a general practitioner who specialises in children who’s advice is based on evidence based medicine. What this means is that the medical descriptions, treatments and advice are accepted in the medical community as having good evidence for their effectiveness. Please feel free to suggest topics and any spelling or grammatical errors or anything that just does not make sense. At present this sight is entirely self funded – Hence the slowness as this can only be done in spare time.  Advertising will be available but selectively, and in keeping with the philosophy of the author.


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