When to take your child to hospital

The decision to take your child to hospital is difficult and this post attempts to help the parent who is unsure. Those symptoms such as cough, fever, or vomiting are common but occasionally may herald the onset of a more serious condition.

Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency in infants and children is the commonest nutritional deficiency. This article discusses the causes, prevention and treatment.

Managing the Overweight Child

This difficult topic is often avoided by health professionals as it can be confronting and difficult to manage. This deals with facts and provides some advice in reversing weight gain during childhood.

Fussy Eating

This discusses problems with fussy eating in toddlers and young children

Infant Feeding Problems

This deals with feeding problems in a logical manner. This can be a very frustrating confusing period for new Mums.

Guidelines to Introducing Solids in Infants

These guidelines are the latest 2015 and encourage early feeding of solids between 4 - 6 months of age.