Last drinks for the Swans

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESChildhealth gets teased a bit. And so it happened on Saturday at the MCG. Not because the Swans played as if they had consumed sports drinks laced with alcohol, nope, it was because I brought my footy boots. I mean, there was a chance. If the alcohol had been more concentrated then half the squad would have been culled before the bounce and suddenly there’s my call up. (cue Rocky music). It didn’t happen hence the teasing. (cue any Radiohead song) I’m sure I could  have played better than what was served up on Saturday though. That’s my fantasy anyway.
So the Swannies train wreck was over by half time, and  the footballers sprint filled the gap. 100metres flat out. 11 to 12 seconds worth of work.  And what was each sprinter handed as soon as he finished, a colourful sports drink ! (cue Chariots of Fire music)
There you go kids, look at what the players drink….. heroes consume sports drinks. But are they really necessary? These drinks are popular because of saturation marketing but there is no evidence they work. Apart from intense, prolonged events such as iron man events, marathons, or long cycling races there is no need for drinks with sugar, electrolytes and other additives. In fact these can hinder rehydration.
Water (though boring) is the most effective liquid to give before, during and after sporting events. Childhealth will continue to train. The draft is in a few weeks and the Swans need new blood. (Cue living on a prayer)
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