Fussy eating and checking growth


This is what kids should look like!!

This is what kids should look like!!

Does this child look skinny or normal ?

The answer is normal. i.e. this is what kids are supposed to look like.

Unfortunately up to 30% of children are classified as overweight, yet it is quite ironic I have never ever had a parent come in and say – “My kid eats too much”. In fact the opposite occurs. Parents worry kids do not eat enough !

So well meaning parents can turn mealtimes into a battle zone using old fashioned techniques which are notoriously unsuccessful and are not recommended. So if you find yourself fighting with the kids, assess their growth and check out this article on the fussy toddler.

Assessing a child’s growth is easy. Measure ht and wt and enter it here. Their position on the chart should be roughly the same for ht and wt.

If you feel your child is overweight check out managing your overweight child.

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