When a parent has cancer


Last year, Child Health was part of the Tour De Cure. Each day we visited a different school and chatted to students. One question was always asked. Who knows someone with cancer?  Hands shot up every time. However at one school an 8yo girl kept her hand up. “My mum has cancer….She is in hospital. I think she is going to die”. she put her hand down. Silence. A boy beside her put his arm around her. Sombre, poignant, heart wrenching. A book is about to be published specifically to help children deal with cancer affecting a parent. Why My Mummy, is written by Donna Penny who is currently struggling with cancer and raising her son. She has raised enough funds for an initial print and has recently featured in the media including channel 10’s Project. If you would like to contribute or buy the book click here. I came across Donna years ago when working on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. A kind, beautiful, gentle person and Mother who has been dealt a cruel hand.

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