Summer Holidays

Summer holidays parenting used to be simple. We were kicked out after breakfast and don’t show your face till sunset. Fine by us. Spent the days with mates who had similar lockout parenting policies. We taped up one side of a tennis ball and came in swinging Michael Holding style. Cricket held sway. However for many reasons this kind of lockout is impractical and so holidays can be stressful from a parenting perspective.

Child Health recently reviewed a new App that may ease the pressure on parenting. This works on iPads, iphones and android devices. The parent will set up some tasks on their phone and the kids can access the app on their electronic device and tick when the tasks are done earning points – which can be traded for something…such as a cricket bat…. Below is the spiel and it seems to work well…and..its free.
OurHome – Family living made easy –
A private social network for families. Organize and assign tasks and chores. Create and share shopping lists. OurHome is your home, made easy.
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