Ah Spring… Full of allergies

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue,
I sneezed, I snored, I blew,
My love found someone new!

1009948_345961178917590_4219612538376105454_nThe sneeze, like someone’s laugh, can be quite individual. The little cardigan clad old lady, so gentle she can hold her cup of tea whilst sneezing, compared with the explosiveness of say a construction worker, whose sneeze will signal a stop work meeting. Sneezing is dangerous. Backs are injured, ribs broken, noses can bleed, hernias burst forth, and it can even trigger strokes. Not to mention the large number of sometimes fatal car accidents that occur during a sneezing fit. The occasional sneeze is normal, but for those who suffer from allergies the sneezing fit can be infuriating. Nowadays the allergic sneeze can be controlled with appropriate treatment. Desensitisation in some instances can result in a cure. For more information see allergic rhinitis

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