GPS With Interest In Paediatrics

Containing links, useful links and tables this section is designed to help GPs with interest in paediatrics

Drug conc Dose mg/kg/day Dose mls/kg/day Max dose Frequency
Amoxil 500mg/5mls for AOM – 60-90mg/kg/day
for LRTI – 90 mg/kg/day
10mls bd for AOM
tds for LRTI
Augmentin 400mg/5mls 48mg/kg/day 0.3mls/kg/day 10mls bd
Bactrim Trim 8mg/kg/day 1mls/kg/day 20mls bd
Keflex 250mg/5mls 25mg/kg/day 0.5mls/kg/day 10mls bd
Penicillin V < 10yrs
Klacid 250mg/5mls 15/mg/kg/day 0.3mls/kg/day 10mls bd

Useful Videos

Application of synthetic above elbow backslab
Application of synthetic scaphoid cast

Using adhesive to close simple lacerations
Application of synthetic below elbow backslab
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