General Symptons

Teeth care in children

Teeth development starts in utero. Teeth eruption generally starts around 6 months with central incisors, but can be as young as 3 months and as late as 12 months. The teeth and gums from this age are susceptible to decay called caries. This article discusses risk factors for early dental caries and provides some advice […]


Cough is an essential way in which the lungs expel unwanted material. It is a protection for the more fragile areas of the lungs. Unfortunately cough can be distressing particularly during the night. There is little role for cough medicines in children though they are marketed very well. The most common cause of cough is a simple viral bronchitis after an upper respiratory tract infection.


  Headaches probably occur in all ages but clearly become recognisable when a child can communicate. Up to 40% of children will have suffered a headache by the time they are 7.  The severity of the headache will affect activity. So if the child is unable to function, is holding his or her head and […]

When to take your child to hospital

The decision to take your child to hospital is difficult and this post attempts to help the parent who is unsure. Those symptoms such as cough, fever, or vomiting are common but occasionally may herald the onset of a more serious condition.


  What Causes Fever? Fever is the body’s sign that it is fighting infection and helps mobilise the immune system.  A fever will also hinder the function of bacteria and viruses. In most children the fever is caused by a virus, but more serious bacterial infections need to be considered. How do doctors assess a […]

Sudden Abdominal Pain

What Happens The child will complain of tummy pains, may double over and cry, or lie quietly on the couch. The next few hours will determine whether there is a need to take this further. The cause  could  be as simple as an ‘indigestion like’ pain or some vague non specific gastrointestinal complaint, or the […]


What is it ? Vomiting represents the expulsion of the stomach contents, forcibly. Apart from during the infant period, vomiting usually indicates there is some irritation of the stomach, or some sort of generalised illness.  It can occur with any illness and some children will vomit quite regularly when they are unwell. Rarely vomiting can […]

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