Mental Health


Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is a normal human emotion. It is a feeling of uneasiness in situations that maybe dangerous or threatening. It becomes a disorder when the anxiety interferes with day to day functioning and happiness. When managed effectively there is good evidence this will be of lifelong benefit


Parenting The Older Child & Adolescent

From the Child’s perspective As children become independent, develop socialisation skills, and negotiate their peer groups, they will develop self evaluation skills that can affect their emotions and self esteem. Many older children will find these emotions difficult to manage, and this can lead to behaviour challenges. Home should be a place to recharge the […]

Managing The Toddler And Small Child

Introduction    Guidelines to managing the Toddler. This section will primarily deal with the parenting challenges presented by the young child.  The most common concerns that parent’s have include: 1. Tantrums  2. Lashing out at siblings or others 3. Crying repeatedly All these behaviours to a certain degree are normal responses to frustration. Tantrums in […]

Parenting Discussion

Parenting is not easy. It requires patience, calmness (at least on the outside) and the rewards will take time.  Our World nowadays consists of fast fixes, easy solutions, and information at our fingertips, and advice from social media, whether we want it or not.  Applying this to parenting is destined to fail. Often I have […]

Behaviour Problems in children.

  Parenting concerns Parenting Discusson Some tips and ideas – coming soon The toddler and Small Child The Older child  Behaviour Disorders Anxiety Disorder Attention Deficit Disorder Autistic Spectrum Disorder  


Behaviour Disorders, Where to Start

  What is a disorder ? Behaviour disorder is also referred to as a child mental health disorder or neurodevelopmental disorder. It means that the problem affects the child at home, school and in most situations. The child has difficulties getting through the day. This is when compared to similar aged peers. Briefly these are […]


Attention Deficit Disorder

ADD – background description, diagnosis and treatment To briefly describe and define ADD is difficult. It is not a black and white disorder and there are a number subtypes. The one component of the diagnosis that runs true is that the disorder disrupts all aspects of a child’s life. The disorder is present at home, […]

Autistic spectrum disorder

  What is it ?  Autism represents a neurodevelopmental disorder in the areas of communication, socialisation and restricted interests. It is generally thought of as a genetic condition [quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]The important word in ASD is Disorder[/quote] and the recent advances in mapping the human genome have resulted in the identification of a number of […]

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