Constipation means painful hard bowel actions. This is common and the right advice will avoid long term problems. Understanding constipation is essential to ensure an appropriate treatment plan is developed to help fix this. There is lots of inappropriate advice and suggestions surrounding childhood constipation which can delay proper management


Gastroenteritis refers to vomiting and diarrhoea. The cause is usually viral and it represents one of the most common reasons for seeing a doctor. The treatment involves oral rehydration therapy to avoid dehydration.

Recurrent Abdominal Pain In Children

Constipation The definition is pain and discomfort when passing a bowel action. Young children for a variety of reasons can have a period of constipation, and they will suffer intermittent abdominal pains. This often occurs at the start of prep or grade one, where ‘bowel routines’ are put aside, due to being too busy, having […]

Coeliac Disease

This post discusses coeliac disease and also touches on the background to gluten intolerance

Sudden Abdominal Pain

What Happens The child will complain of tummy pains, may double over and cry, or lie quietly on the couch. The next few hours will determine whether there is a need to take this further. The cause  could  be as simple as an ‘indigestion like’ pain or some vague non specific gastrointestinal complaint, or the […]

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