Simple dosing for the most commonly used paediatric antibiotics

  • The amoxil/augmentin dose is current recommended for acute otitis media approx 45-48mg/kg/day.  (The USA dosage is 90mg/kg/day amoxil because of increased incidence of pneumococcus)
  • Bactrim dosage is for UTI
  • Keflex dose is for impetigo, double this for cellulitis or make it tds
  • Penicillin dose is for streptococcus – if over 10 years 500mg bd.


Drug Concentration Dose Max dose Freq
Amoxil 250mg/5ml 45mg/kg/day 0.3mls/kg/dose 10mls 8h
Augmentin 400mg/5mls 48mg/kg/day 0.3mls/kg/dose 10mls 12h
Bactrim Trim 8mg/kg/day 0.5mls/kg/dose 20mls 12h
Keflex  250mg/5mls 25mg/kg/day 0.5mls/kg/day 10mls 12h
Penicillin V 250mg bd


Age & Wt estimate 6m 12m 18m 2yr 3yr 4yr 5yr 6yr
50th centile Weight 7kg 10kg 11kg 12kg 14kg 16kg 18kg 20kg



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