Central Nervous System



  Headaches probably occur in all ages but clearly become recognisable when a child can communicate. Up to 40% of children will have suffered a headache by the time they are 7.  The severity of the headache will affect activity. So if the child is unable to function, is holding his or her head and […]


Migraines are surprisingly common during childhood, and can be  distressing as the headache can be  severe in intensity and result in missed schooldays and withdrawing from activities.  They can start at any age and parents will naturally be concerned there is some ‘awful cause’ .   This article discusses migraines to help parents understand this […]


Febrile Convulsions

What happens ? Often a parent will here a noise or see a child start to lose consciousness then have classical seizure where the child will convulse. This lasts generally less than 5 minutes and after a short period of drowsiness – about 20mins to half and hour the child will make a full recovery. […]

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