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Cows Milk Protein Allergy

  What is it ? When coming into contact with cow’s milk the most common abnormal reaction is a dermatitis that develops within the hour. This can be generalised or localised to the face and mouth area. Ocassionally the reaction is more severe, with the development of welts and hives and even problems breathing. Some […]

Dust Mite Allergy

  How does this allergy happen ? To be allergic you need to have a genetic tendency. Usually there is a family history of allergies. This tendency means that the immune system, instead of ignoring dust mite as non threatening, will react in an aggressive way. The proteins (allergens) from the dust mite collect in […]

Children with Disabilities

Infants and children with disabilities include those with significant developmental, physical, intellectual and or medical problems. There are a number of government and privately run services that provide families with support and therapy. [tabs style=”horizontal”] [tab title=”Allied Health Early Intervention Services”] This is for those infants with devlelopmental concerns under the age of 2yrs. As […]


Febrile Convulsions

What happens ? Often a parent will here a noise or see a child start to lose consciousness then have classical seizure where the child will convulse. This lasts generally less than 5 minutes and after a short period of drowsiness – about 20mins to half and hour the child will make a full recovery. […]



Snoring is common in children, particularly if they have a cold. But if snoring is constant, and causes problems with night time breathing, this sometimes will require further assessment. This article discusses when snoring is problematic and how it is managed.