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Introduction to Food Allergy

 What is food allergy ? A food allergy is where the body reacts in a clear and abnormal way after ingestion of a food. The food sets off an immunological cascade resulting in the release of chemicals that are responsible for the allergy. There are two kinds. Immediate reactions, also called IgE reactions where a […]


Constipation means painful hard bowel actions. This is common and the right advice will avoid long term problems. Understanding constipation is essential to ensure an appropriate treatment plan is developed to help fix this. There is lots of inappropriate advice and suggestions surrounding childhood constipation which can delay proper management

Time for School

Time for school -“….and you see Marcia, that is why it is important to always tell the truth to Dad and Mum…” Cue Brady Bunch end of show music. Everyone sigh.The Brady Bunch, a nauseous show replayed ad nauseam still seems relevant today. Home spun philosophy, with a comedy twist depicting a blended family, dealing […]

Summer Holidays

Summer holidays parenting used to be simple. We were kicked out after breakfast and don’t show your face till sunset. Fine by us. Spent the days with mates who had similar lockout parenting policies. We taped up one side of a tennis ball and came in swinging Michael Holding style. Cricket held sway. However for […]

Viral Rashes

Types of Viral Rashes Seen There are two major groups of viral rashes. So called non specific viral rashes and ‘classic rashes’.  The latter group have a variety of names and distinct patterns. Of these the most serious include measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox which are currently covered in the immunisation schedule. Classic Rashes- […]


Pneumonia (Chest Infection)

Pneumonia implies an infection that has infiltrated the tissues of the lungs. In children the most common cause is viral, but often it is difficult to determine whether bacterial or viral. In more serious cases the child will need hospitalisation for oxygen and intravenous medication. The vaccine prevenar has dramatically reduced the incidence of pneumococcal pneumonia, which was the most common cause of life threatening pneumonia in children. Hib vaccine is also effective against a bacteria called haemophilus.



Croup is a barking cough caused by a virus that infects the larynx. Sometimes the larynx is so inflamed a noise called a stridor occurs, which can be quite distressing and if severe will require treatment in hospital.

Ah Spring… Full of allergies

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I sneezed, I snored, I blew, My love found someone new! The sneeze, like someone’s laugh, can be quite individual. The little cardigan clad old lady, so gentle she can hold her cup of tea whilst sneezing, compared with the explosiveness of say a construction worker, whose sneeze will […]